Funkadelic Fractal

Funkadelic Fractal

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LATI: Here we go!

Greetings, everyone!

It's a pleasure to jump on board for the journey and participate in this learning process with you all. My name is John Watson, from the Howard County Library, and I serve as the Support Services Manager for our system.

What I like best about my job is working with folks to get things done and make things happen. Listening, observing, questioning, negotiating, consulting, orchestrating, and bringing projects through to completion are the processes of my job I enjoy especially.

One thing about me that is non-job-related is that I am Baha'i. As with anything else, you are welcome to ask me about it.

The Howard County Library has made the news increasingly due to gathering momentum in migrating its computer systems from proprietary software applications to open source software solutions. One recent example of this is that we made the decision to migrate from our current ILS to an open source ILS called Koha. Feel free to find out more about our initiatives by checking out the following two news links:

Howard County Library operates six branches, located in a suburban setting between Baltimore and Washington, DC. It serves as a key partner in education, enriching culture and strengthening community.

Learning quote... Here are words of wisdom that speak to me about learning and working and living:
"Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self." --Baha'u'llah

Again, it's a pleasure to be involved with you in this educative and transformative process.


Friday, November 23, 2007

We are home. This is...

We are home. This is the final (23 Things) posting. listen

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Thing #23: Summary

My favorite discoveries during this exercise were:
Thing #18: Productivity Tools
Thing #20: YouTube

Thing #22: Audiobooks

Rather than setting up an additional account to complete this exercise, I bypassed Overdrive and NetLibrary and went straight to Project Gutenberg, finding several eBook titles that can be downloaded and read on my PDA or some other system. This is really phenomenal. Folks can help the project by proofing one page a day. With enough contributors, the library digital collection grows. This is a great project.

Thing #21: Podcast Directories

I dabbled with a few podcast directories, not finding much of interest in the limited time I allowed for the exercise. However, a while back, someone told me about a cool podcasting tool called Jott (which I posted about between Thing #s 8 and 9). Using Jott, I created a podcast within the post. You can link to the post here and the podcast here.

Thing #20: YouTube

Please refer to my posts on Thing #s 7 and 24 to see how I've used YouTube during this discovery exercise.

Thing #19: Web 2.0 Awards

I've been hearing about Craiglist for who knows how long. Since it's one of's Web 2.0 Awards winners, I decided to take a look at it. This is a good networking tool to find all kinds of things one might want, from conversations to relationships, cars to homes, jobs to recreational activities. There's a lot there.